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School of Electrical Engineering and Automation (SEEA)

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School of Electrical Engineering and Automation (SEEA) has three full-time undergraduate specialties— Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation, among which Automation is the developing center of national distinct specialty as well as one of the National Educational Cultivation Plan for Remarkable Engineers, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation and Marine Information and Control Engineering are the key developing discipline of college level.

SEEA has an enrollment of nearly 1700 students. Of its about 60 faculty members, SEEA has 5 professors, 15 associate professors, 17 with doctorate.

SEEA has affiliated facilities and institutes as follows: Electrical Automation Research Institute; Intelligent System Technology and Application Research Institute; Provincial Experimental and Teaching Center for Electrotechnics & Electron Technology; Education Center for Advanced Automation and Measurement Technology Engineering Practice; Training Center for Electrical Engineering; Combined Innovative Experimental Base for Advanced Automation Technology; “CIT-Baixue (Baixue Machinery Co.)PracticeEducationCenter” (national off-campus practice education center for college students).

SEEA is dedicated to serving local economy and enterprises. It has developed various educational projects with local enterprises to cultivate applied talents. SEEA also focuses on international cooperation and exchange. Approved by Ministry of Education, it has established “3+1”double bachelor degree program with Hochschule Mittweida (Germany) in the specialty of Electrical Engineering and Automation.

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