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School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering (SCME)

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School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering (SCME) has five full-time undergraduate specialties— Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Safety Engineering, Metallic Materials, with over 1400 full-time students. Of its over 60 faculty members, SCME has 10 professors, nearly 30 with associate professional title, about 30 with doctorate.

Teaching and research platforms as well as school-enterprise cooperation bases are listed as follows: Provincial Key Construction Lab for New Functional Materials; Provincial Demonstrate Center for Elementary Chemistry Experiments Teaching; Applied Chemistry Research Institute and Center for Analysis and Testing; Suzhou High-polymer Materials Engineering Center for Wire and Cable, etc.

SCME focuses on international cooperation and exchange. It has developed “3+2” Bachelor-master degree program with Hong Kong Baptist University, and teachers and students exchange program with Indian Calcutta Academy of Science.

Address: Address: No. 99, 3rd South Ring Road, Changshu, Jiangsu215500, China Email:international@cslg.edu.cn Tel:+86-512-5225-1169

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