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School of Mechanical Engineering(SME)

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SchoolofMechanical Engineering(SME) was established in 1976. At present, it has five undergraduate specialties— Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Service Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Material Forming and Control Engineering. SME has over 80 faculty members, among which more than 40 hold senior professional titles. It has nearly 2000 full-time undergraduates. Employment rate of graduates keeps above 98%.

SME has several affiliated centers as follows: 1 National Education Center for Mechanical Engineering Practice; 1 Provincial Comprehensive Training Center for Mechanical Engineering Discipline; 1 Provincial Education Center for Automobile Engineering Practice. Meanwhile, it has established 42 elementary and specialized labs, 6 training rooms, won 71 national patents of various categories.

Based on specialties, SME has closely associated with local economic development to work out professional schools likeCannyElevatorSchool,AutomobileSchool, etc.

Approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, SME has developed a“3+1”double bachelor program with DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen (Germany) in mechanical electronic engineering.

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