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School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)

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SchoolofComputer Scienceand Engineering (SCSE) was established on July 2007. It has five full-time bachelor specialties—Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Digital Media Technology, IOT Engineering, among which the first is on the list of provincial distinct specialties and computer category the key construction category on the provincial level. Presently the number of full-time students in the school is 1847.

Of its 84 faculty members, SCSE has 26 with senior professional title, 11 with doctorate.

Bases have been built as follows: Innovative Experimental Base for CIT’s International cooperation and Cultivating Mode of School-enterprise cooperative Software Talents; Provincial Innovative Experimental Base for Cultivating Mode of High Education Talents; IBM-ETP Provincial Training Base for Talents of International Outsourcing Service; NIIT Training Base for International Software Talents; Provincial Pilot College for Cultivating Outsourcing Service Talents; Provincial Training Base for Talents of Software Industry.

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