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School of Economics and Management (SEM)

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 School of Economics and Management (SEM) has 8 bachelor specialties —Marketing, Financial Management, Engineering Management, Economics and Finance, Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Public Service Management, Management of Cultural Industries. SEM is equipped with professional labs, such as ERP Comprehensive Lab, ERP Table Simulation Training Room, Accounting Manual Lab, Finance Lab, Statistics Lab, HR Lab, and so on, which undertake professional experiments and training tasks for marketing, Financial Management, Public Service Management, Management of Cultural Industries, Economics and Finance, Engineering Cost, Business English, applied mathematics and statistics, etc. They play a vital role in cultivating students’ practical skills and innovative abilities.

Of its 78 faculty members, SEM has 77 full-time teachers, 10 professors, 23 associate professors, 21 with doctorate.

SEM has nearly 3000 full-time undergraduate students, over 2000 students of continuation education. It has actively developed international cooperation and exchange to expand horizon for students. Currently international exchange projects like “1+2+1”double bachelor Project for Sino-US Talents Cultivation, “1+1”Porject for Master of Economics with Fachhochschule fuer Oekonomie und Management (Germany), “1+1”Porject with Skema Business College (France) are underway. Students’ exchange Project withUniversityofCumbria,UniversityofSouthampton, andBirminghamCityUniversityare also developed.

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