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School of Humanities(SH)

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    SchoolofHumanities(SH) has 6 bachelor specialties— Chinese Language and Literature, Secretarial Science, Elementary Education, Preschool Education, Music, History. The number of full-time undergraduate students is about 1700. Of its over 80 teachers, nearly 60 has senior professional title.

There are many institutes or facilities set in SH, namely as follows: Literature and Culture Research Center in Southern Jiangsu Province; Research Center for Children’s Development; Music and Culture Research Institute in Wu Region; International Education Exam and Training Center for Chinese Language; Population Education and Training Center; Art Education Center; Skills Training Center for Teachers; Multi-functional Training Lab for Children; Painting Classroom; Calligraphy Classroom; Physique and Etiquette Training Lab; Micro-teaching Classroom; Music Lab Center; Modern Digital Piano Classroom; Production Room for Computer Music; Music Appreciation Room; Modern Auditorium Hall; Dancing Room; Piano Room; Room for Various Musical Instruments; Room for Audio-visual Files, etc.

SH has wide exchange e and cooperation with teachers and students from Dongduk Women’s University (Korea) and National Taichung University of Education (Taiwan). It also offers courses on Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese art, Chinese Kung Fu, etc. for overseas students from different countries or regions. Besides, SH emphasizes the cooperation with local foreign enterprises inSuzhouand designs courses on Chinese language and Chinese culture catering to their employees.

Welcome friends from different countries or regions to learn Chinese language and study Chinese culture and art here.

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