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School of Mathematicsand Statistics (SMS)

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School of Mathematics and Statistics (SMS) has three undergraduate specialties— Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Economic Statistics and Information and Computational Science, with nearly 1000 full-time students. Of its about 60 faculty members, SMS has 8 professors, 21 associate professors, 25 with doctor degree, 4 provincial academic leaders.

SMS has been honored as Jiangsu Distinct Specialty, and listed among the State Distinct Specialty Development. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics are the key school specialties in 12 5-year Plan of Jiangsu Province. Mathematics is also the first-class key developing discipline inJiangsuProvince. In recent years, over 200 academic papers by its members have been published both at home and abroad, among which over 100 indexed by SCI. SMS has headed 17 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Fund, and 5 projects by Postdoctoral Science Fund.     

SMS has actively participated in international cooperation and exchange. It has worked out a“1+2+1” Sino-US Talents Cultivation Program for Double Degree withGeorgeMasonUniversity.

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