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School of Foreign Languages (SFL)

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SchoolofForeign Languages(SFL) was founded in 1958 with rich historical heritage and deep cultural foundation. It has four full-time undergraduate specialties —English, Japanese, Korean and German. With facilities like College English Teaching Department, Foreign Language Study Research Institute, Applied Translation Research Institute, Japanese Language andCultureResearchCenter,TESOLResearchCenter, Applied Language Lab, and Translation Resource Recycling Platform, it focuses on cultivating applied undergraduate talents of foreign languages in elementary and secondary English teaching, international business and translation, etc.

Of its nearly 100 faculty members, SFL has 4 professors, 23 associate professors, over 10 foreign teachers. The number of full-time students has almost reached 1500.

With 20 applied foreign language lab, SFL has developed its own unique foreign language teaching features characterized by the base of foreign language teaching, the highlight of cultivating the ability of translation and business application, the goal of training high-level application-oriented talents mastering foreign languages. SFL faculty members are now undertaking 1 project sponsored by the National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, 2 by the Ministry of Education, 1 by the Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Fund, 15 by the City or Department level.

SFL has laid a solid foundation of teaching practice base with many elementary and secondary schools and foreign enterprises fromSuzhou. Besides, exchange platform between teachers and students has also been built with universities from different countries and regions, such asUSA,UK,Germany,Japan,Korea, Hong Kong andTaiwan, and so on.

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