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School of Physicsand Electronic Engineering (SPEE)

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School of Physics and Electronic Engineering (SPEE) has 6 undergraduate specialties— Physics (Electronic Materials and Instruments), Physics (Teaching), Electronic Science and Technology, Optoectronic Information Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Renewable Energy Science and Engineering. Of its nearly 80 faculty members, SPEE has 9 professors, 25 associate professors, 35 with doctorate. The total assets of experiment facilities amount to RMB 24 million yuan with floor space of more than 12,000 square meters. At present, the number of full-time students is over 1900.

SPEE has four provincial affiliated teaching and research platforms— Jiangsu Research Center for Textile Mechanical Engineering; Jiangsu Key Developing Lab for New Function Materials; Jiangsu Demonstration Center for Elementary Physics Experiment; Jiangsu Experimental and Teaching Center for Electrotechnics & Electron Technology, 3 college research institute— Computational Physics and Material Design Research Institute; Electronic Technology Application Research Institute; Green Energy Material Research Center, a provincial key developing discipline of Materials, and several key disciplines of college level—Condensed Matter Physics, Physical Electronics, and Testing Technology and Automation Appliances (combined construction)

School-enterprise cooperative professional school named “CSIPhotovoltaicTechnologySchool” is affiliated with SPEE. With applied talents cultivation concept “Seeking science while approaching industry”, centered on cultivating students’ professional quality and innovative ability, SPEE enhances school-locality and school-enterprise interaction to develop applied talents catering to the need of society.

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