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School of Arts and Garments Engineering (SAGE)

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School of Arts and Garments Engineering (SAGE) has five specialties—Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Fashion Design, Clothing Design and Engineering, and Fine Arts. The number of full-time undergraduate students has reached nearly 1000. Of its over 50 faculty members, 15 have senior professional title. It also engages several experts and scholars from home and abroad as regular teachers.

With various students’ clubs such as Creative Club for Fine Arts, Art Design Club, SAGE boasts thick artistic atmosphere. Students have won more than 100 awards in city or department level, over 30 awards in provincial level.

SAGE is well-equipped with independent building for art teaching, and facilities like Room for Audio-visual Files, Classroom for Digital Graphs and Images, CAD Classroom for Garments, Clothing Design Training Lab, Photography Training Lab, Exhibition Hall for Artistic Works, Daylight Studio, etc.

With long-term cooperation with Changshu Museum, Changshu Art Gallery, Changshu Garments Association, Changshu Innovative Industry Business Chamber, Changshu Room Decoration Association, etc. SAGE always focuses on serving locality.

SAGE has developed the project of “2+2” double bachelor degree for artistic design withUniversityofSouthampton. Meanwhile, exchange and academic cooperation with teachers and students from universities home and abroad, likeUniversityofCumbriaandBirminghamCityUniversityare underway

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